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General conditions


  • The Firmís lawyers charge for their services on a hourly basis at pre-set hourly rates. The level of these hourly rates is commensurate with the experience of the individual lawyer(s) involved. Neither maximum nor minimum fee amounts are applied.
  • In specific situations, fixed fee and retainer fee arrangements are possible.
  • Fees will be charged irrespective of the results obtained. Indeed, existing Bar rules do not allow application of the ďno cure no payĒ principle.
  • In accordance with Belgian law, the fees charged by the Firmís lawyers are subject to 21% VAT.
  • Out-of-pocket expenses are billed in accordance with applicable Bar rules, and may include secretarial and typing costs.


  • The Firmís lawyers may submit a specific representation letter for signature by their clients. The purpose of such a representation letter is to clarify the exact scope of their mandate and to avoid possible misunderstandings regarding terms and conditions.
  • A specific power of attorney may be required in certain cases.
  • With respect to assignments which are outside the scope of our services (e.g., accounting services, the services of ďnotarissen/notairesĒ), the Firmís lawyers may, upon request, provide referrals to reliable professionals who are experts in these areas.


  • As the Firmís lawyers are all members of the Brussels Bar, their professional liability is covered by the collective insurance policy of that Bar. However, this coverage is limited in terms of amount per claim and matters covered.


The Firmís lawyers are subject to reporting requirements imposed by the Belgian Act of 11 January 1993 implementing EC Council Directive 91/308/EEC (as extended to members of the legal profession by EC Council Directive 2001/97/EC). These reporting requirements relate to certain transactions, which are considered to be money laundering (as defined). However, exceptions to these reporting obligations may apply in certain cases (e.g., litigation matters).


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